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When it comes to experiencing the beauty of Miramar Beach and Destin, there’s no better way than exploring on a bike. Whether you’re a casual rider or an avid cyclist, there are several bike rental companies in the area that offer a variety of options to suit your needs. In this guide, here are the bike rental companies closest to our  Miramar beach condo rentals .   bike rental companies: destinbikesrus, funpugbikerentals, e-motion electronic bike rentals, and coastal cruiser.

Bikes R Us

**Website:** [destinbikesrus.com](https://www.destinbikesrus.com/

**Address:** 481 Holiday Shore Road, Miramar Beach, FL


– Bikes R Us is definitely the most affordable bicycle rental company in the area,  We have been recommending these guys to our guest from the beginning (2005) $40 per week for a adult bike and $35 per week for a childrens bike rental.  They Deliver to our Miramar beach vacation rentals  as well Beyond that this company is just such a friendly group that you will love working with.

Fun Pug Bike Rentals

**Website:** [funpugbikerentals.com](https://www.funpugbikerentals.com/

**Address:** 456 Coastal Highway, Destin, FL


– In addition to bikes, funpugbikerentals offers a selection of beach gear such as boogie boards and snorkeling equipment.

– If you’re staying in the area, they provide delivery services to make your rental experience seamless.

E-Motion Rentals

**Website:** www.emotionfl.com

**Address:** 50 S Holiday Road wuite 200 Miramar Beach, FL 324450


– e-motion electronic bike rentals specialize in electric transportation whether its onewheels, electric skateboards, e bikes etc the have them all and you will frequently see people riding these near the Miramar beach condos we have on scenic gulf drive.  While I agree that this is a fun cool way to get around the area I want to stress to any would be renters to use EXTREME CAUTION.  These items go very fast and with people driving in area they are not familiar with there is a higher chance of accident.  So whether you are on scenic gulf drive as a driver, a walker, bike rider or electronic bike rider please exercise caution.

– While their focus is on electric bikes, they also offer regular bikes for those who prefer a traditional cycling experience. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!

Coastal Cruiser

**Website:** [coastalcruiser.com](https://www.coastalcruiserdestin.com/) 

**Address:** 12605 Emerald Coast Parkway Miramar Beach , FL 32550


– Coastal Cruiser is a one-stop-shop for beach transportation, offering bikes, scooters, and golf cart rentals. The rates are very reasonable and they have a great local reputation. 

– They provide delivery services to our Miramar beach condo rentals

Miramar Beach and Destin, Florida, offer an incredible coastal experience, and exploring the area on a bike adds a whole new dimension to your vacation. Whether you’re interested in traditional bikes, electric bikes, or additional beach gear, these rental companies have you covered. Check out their websites for more information on rental options, rates, and delivery services to make the most of your time in this beautiful coastal paradise.

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