Fresh Seafood Markets Destin

Fresh Seafood Markets Destin #fresh seafood markets miramar beach destin

Fresh Seafood Markets in Miramar Beach and Destin

Seafood To Go Miramar Beach and Destin

Looking for a pound of spicy peel and eat shrimp?  Wanting to make homemade mahi mahi tacos?  Let me point you in the right direction of our local seafood icehouses in Miramar Beach and Destin. Each of these companies are extremely well known to locals and source from our area fisherman on most things ( obviously king crab is not local to Destin). Rather than buying from the grocery stores if you are visiting our area from the first time you may not know where to look for fresh seafood.  Here is our list of fresh seafood markets destin

  1. Blalock’s Seafood and Specialty: My Personal Favorite First on the list is a gem that holds a special place in my heart – Blalock’s Seafood and Specialty. Located  very close to my first home in Destin  on Emerald Coast parkway near chick fil-a this place is great to run out and get a fresh pound of steamed shrimp and potatos to go.  They make their own cocktail sauce and crab and tuna dip… be sure to try those.  Blalock Seafood & Specialty Market | Seafood (  I have not personally ordered them from here but everyone brags on their oysters and crab legs Fresh Seafood Markets Destin
  2. Skipper’s Seafood Market: Double the Locations, Double the Freshness Next up, we’ve got Skipper’s Seafood Market, and let me tell you, they mean business. With two locations, they’re practically neighbors to our Miramar Beach rentals,  You will see them in what looks like a train box car next to the gas station closest to arbys. making it super convenient to swing by and pick up a seafood boil complete with shrimp corn and potatoes to share with the family  . I couldn’t find their website, but the rave reviews speak volumes. Trust the locals; they know where the good stuff is.
  3. Sexton’s Seafood Market: A Local Legend  Blue roofed building near the Destin Harbor , Another player in the seafood game that deserves a spot on our  list is Sexton’s Seafood Market. Tucked away in the heart of the region, Sexton’s is a local legend known for its top-notch selection and friendly service. Whether you’re in the mood for crab, lobster, or the freshest catch of the day, Sexton’s has got you covered. Ice packed and ready to travel 601 Harbor Blvd, Destin, FL 32541
  4. Destin Ice Seafood: Where Freshness Meets Variety  destinice.comLast but certainly not least is Destin Ice Seafood. This place is great!  In addition to seafood they have a large selection of meats, desserts, sides etc.  Rave reviews for their key lime pies and for the ability to get seafood packed to travel with you home. 

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Conclusion: So there you have it – a seafood lover’s guide to Miramar Beach and Destin, FL. Whether you’re a local looking for your next seafood fix or a visitor eager to savor the flavors of the Gulf, these seafood markets are sure to satisfy your cravings. So, grab your cooler, hit the markets, and get ready to indulge in the freshest catches these coastal towns have to offer. Bon appétit!

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