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Destin Condo Renovation

  Crystal View 401 was one of Renee’s most recent projects and it really turned out great! We really had a blast helping the owners turn this place into a real show stopper

Posted by Laura on August 19th 2013

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Remodeling a Destin Condo

Crystal View 103 Before and After Renovation We get a lot of request to see the before and after pictures of Renee’s redecorating projects for either her own units or units for our other owners. Remodeling a condo will make a huge difference in how many guest a condo will have and how happy those guest will be Stay tuned for more remodels    

Posted by Laura on August 16th 2013

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Top 5 reasons to visit Destin in September

If you’re a beach bum like me, you’ll come to the beach anytime, any day when given the opportunity. ¬†However, there are some peak times to visit and also some off-peak times to visit. Long time beach goers should know that often, the off-peak seasons are just as much, if not more enjoyable than the peak seasons! ¬†In this post we’ll give you our top 5 fabulous reasons to visit… (Read More)

Posted by Amanda on August 13th 2013 and tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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