Pet Friendly Dining Destin and Miramar Beach

Pet Friendly Dining Destin and Miramar Beach #Dogs Welcome Destin

Dog-Friendly Dining in Destin: Top Patios to Enjoy with Your Furry Friend

Planning a trip to Destin, Florida, and bringing your furry friend along? You’re in luck! Destin is not only a haven for beautiful beaches and vacation fun, but it’s also a pet-friendly paradise. Here’s a guide to some fantastic restaurants that welcome well-behaved pets on their patios. Whether you’re staying at one of our pet-friendly rentals in Destin or a dog-friendly condo in Miramar Beach, these dining spots are perfect for you and your four-legged companion.

1. Camille’s at Crystal Beach

Website: Camille’s at Crystal Beach
Popular Dish: Sushi Rolls
Camille’s offers a cozy outdoor seating area where your pet is welcome. Known for its delicious sushi rolls and laid-back atmosphere, it’s a great spot to unwind.

2. Boshamps Seafood and Oyster House

Website: Boshamps Seafood and Oyster House
Popular Dish: Grits a Ya Ya
Boshamps is a waterfront gem with stunning views and a menu to match. Their Grits a Ya Ya, featuring jumbo Gulf shrimp and smoked Gouda cheese grits, is a must-try.

3. Harry T’s Lighthouse

Website: Harry T’s Lighthouse
Popular Dish: Crab Cakes
Located at HarborWalk Village, Harry T’s offers fantastic harbor views and a pet-friendly patio. Their crab cakes receive rave reviews from visitors.

4. Dewey Destin’s Harborside

Website: Dewey Destin’s Harborside
Popular Dish: Seafood Basket
Dewey Destin’s is famous for its fresh seafood and laid-back atmosphere. Enjoy a seafood basket while taking in the scenic waterfront views.

5. Kenny D’s Beach Bar & Grill

Website: Kenny D’s Beach Bar & Grill
Popular Dish: Cajun Grouper Sandwich
Kenny D’s in Miramar Beach is known for its Cajun-inspired dishes. The Cajun Grouper Sandwich is a hit among regulars and visitors alike.

6. The Craft Bar

Website: The Craft Bar
Popular Dish: Duck Fat Fries
The Craft Bar offers a great selection of craft beers and creative dishes. The duck fat fries are a popular choice and pair perfectly with their beverage selection.

7. Island Wing Company

Website: Island Wing Company
Popular Dish: Island Quesadilla
With a dog-friendly patio, Island Wing Company is perfect for enjoying a meal with your pet. Their Island Quesadilla is a crowd favorite.

8. World of Beer

Website: World of Beer
Popular Dish: German Pretzel
World of Beer is located at Destin Commons and offers a diverse selection of brews and pub fare. Their German Pretzel is well-loved by patrons.

9. Beach Camp Brewpub

Website: Beach Camp Brewpub
Popular Dish: Fish Tacos
Beach Camp Brewpub offers a pet-friendly patio and a relaxing atmosphere. Fish tacos are a standout item on their menu.

10. Harbor Tavern

Website: Harbor Tavern
Popular Dish: Shrimp Po’ Boy
Harbor Tavern’s casual vibe and waterfront views make it a great place to dine with your pet. Their Shrimp Po’ Boy is highly recommended.

11. Gulf Coast Burger Co.

Website: Gulf Coast Burger Co.
Popular Dish: Mac & Cheese Burger
If you’re in the mood for a gourmet burger, Gulf Coast Burger Co. won’t disappoint. The Mac & Cheese Burger is a favorite.

12. Aegean Greek Restaurant

Website: Aegean Greek Restaurant
Popular Dish: Gyro Platter
Located in Miramar Beach, Aegean Greek offers authentic Greek cuisine. The Gyro Platter is a must-try and can be enjoyed on their pet-friendly patio.

Map of Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Destin

Here’s a map to help you locate these fantastic dog-friendly restaurants around Destin and Miramar Beach.

Pet Friendly Dining Destin and Miramar Beach #

Final Thoughts

Dining out with your pet in Destin is a breeze with so many welcoming patios
(Generally, the dining will have to be outdoors to be pet friendly. unless you
have a service dog)

There are a plethora of choices and delicious dishes to try. Whether exploring
the local seafood or indulging in international cuisine, you’ll find plenty of
spots where you and your furry friend can enjoy a meal together. Don’t forget
to book one of our pet-friendly rentals in Destin for a comfortable and
enjoyable stay!

Happy travels and bon appétit!

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