10 of our Favorite Water Sports in Destin

10 of our Favorite Water Sports in Destin, Florida ► #


When planning the perfect family Vacation to Destin and Miramar Beach the first concern is where are you going to stay.  That is easy, of course you are staying with us at one of our 60 fabulous Beach Condo In Destin properties!  That is awesome and you are going to have a amazing time!   😉    Once you have made that decision one of the next big  things on the list is figuring out ways to spend your time when not parked on the beach soaking up sun,  In this post we will explore 10 great water sport activities in Destin.

1.       Paddle Boarding

Observe Sea Life Up close and Personal


 2.       Jet Skiing

Motorcycle the Waves


3.       Kayaking

Peaceful, Personal Boating. Some People Fish from Kayaks.


4.       Boogie Boarding

Fun for Everyone

5.       Skim Boarding

Test Your Balance and Agility 

6.       Snuba

Hybrid snorkeling and diving.  A great way to explore the Jetties


7.       Snorkeling

Family Fun at the Jetties


8.       Parasailing

Adventure Water and Sky


9.       Suba Diving

Feels like Flying in a World that is Not My Own and What an Adventure


10.   Kite Boarding

Test Your Strength and Sense of Adventure, Knowledge of Wave and Wind–Not for the Fragile.  Watch on a Windy Day from the Bayside of Okaloosa Island.


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