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Beach Attendants Destin #Beach Service Destin

Beach attendants Destin are the unsung heroes of the beach! When you stay with us at a Beach Condos In Destin property, most of our units offer beach service from the first Saturday in March to October 31st. There are a few exceptions to this. All our units at Maravilla, Beach Retreat, Leeward Key, Mediterranea and Beach House offer beach chairs with rental in season. Ciboney units 4007 and 2008 also provide beach service.

What goes on behind the scenes at the beach?  How or why are all those chairs and umbrellas strategically lined up? Discover why beach attendants deserve more credit and tips for what they do. If you notice, their daily journey starts at dawn and lasts until dusk. They are often seasoned, live locally, are familiar with the area, love the water, and tend to be in excellent physical condition.

Beach attendants typically have a range of duties, including setting up beach umbrellas and chairs, helping and informing beachgoers, and ensuring/enforcing beach etiquette is followed. Yes, there is such a thing as beach etiquette. A private beach is different and may have some rules designated by the HOA board of the condo one has rented. Beach attendants appreciate guests who pick up their trash, don’t bring glass to the beach, and respect the beach space and the views of others.

Additionally, they may offer rental services for equipment, kayaks, and paddle boards and maintain a current guest list of who is allowed access to the private beach, what condo a guest is staying at, and for how long. Beach attendants are a wealth of knowledge, anywhere from local restaurants to the daily beach weather.  If there is a beach emergency, they can contact the local authorities, who are happy to help. They often help struggling parents or older beachgoers get settled and sometimes go out of their way to carry all the items we bring to the beach.

 Everyone wants a front-row seat at the beach, but we all know there are limited seats, and depending on the rules of that specific beach, one may not be guaranteed a preference of one’s choice. To secure seating, it’s best to check in with the beach attendant upon arrival.

Tipping becomes more than a gesture when considering beach attendants’ hard work and excellent service. It’s a way to show your appreciation for their efforts. While the amount you tip can vary based on the level of service and assistance, a general guideline is to tip around $5 to $15.00 per day. This small gratitude can make a big difference in acknowledging beach attendants’ attentive care and assistance.

It’s essential to take care of your beach attendants by showing appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Respect their instructions and guidelines and treat them with kindness and gratitude. Remember that beach attendants often work long hours in the sun to ensure beachgoers have a safe and enjoyable experience. Consider tipping them as a token of your appreciation for their efforts.

They want you to have a comfortable, relaxing stay on the beach. A friendly smile and a “thank you” can go a long way in showing your appreciation for their work. We can’t wait to have you stay at our Destin Vacation rentals. Thank you, and Beach On.

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