5 Cool New things to Do in Destin

5 Cool New things to Do in Destin #

Exciting Destin Water Excursions that You Will not Want to Miss. 

Booking your Destin vacation is a huge step, but don’t forget to arrange in advance the perfect memorable experience for your family.  Here is a list of 5 cool new adventurous excursions in the Destin / Miramar Beach area to help make your summer vacation unforgettable.

Double Decker pontoon boat with a slide. 5 Cool New things to Do in Destin #Double Decker Pontoon rentals DestinLocals know there is nothing that beats a boating afternoon wading around the crystal waters of Crab Island just past the Destin Bridge. While renting a typical pontoon boat is always a hit, why not try a pontoon with a built in slide. Generally, this option will be a little more pricey than your average crab island pontoon rental. Pack your snacks and drinks and get on board.  It is a great way to add the extra wow factor to your trip. I have recently seen them advertised here at the following link: http://www.destinvacationboatrentals.com/boat-rentals/


5 Cool New things to Do in Destin #Sea Plane Destin rentalBy Air or By Sea?  One of the most truly amazing, thrilling experiences in Destin is to watch the dolphins in their natural environment. Why not dolphin watch from above in a sea plane? Starting at $99 for a 20 minute flight it is a truly unique experience with the wow factor. http://www.flythebeach.com/ Check out their video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsEK_xGil0c

5 Cool New things to Do in Destin #five exciting things to do in destin Jet Pack View of Crab Island.  I grew up watching the Jetsons and so did many of you. If you have ever wanted to jet pack thru the sky’s perhaps try http://jetpackdestin.com/  Jet PAC takes you out to crab island where wearing a space age pack you are propelled by a jet of water. This is definitely a bucket list item for the thrill seeker in your group. Check out the video below: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=vIVnXoYHT0Y

5 Cool New things to Do in Destin #It’s a Boat, It’s a Bar, It’s a Paddle Boat for 10!  Book your trip on Pedal Pub Destin and exercise those legs as your group powers through the water on the unique “pedal pub”.   http://www.saltwaterpedalpubs.com/  This experience is BYO food and drink. Each boat allows up to 10 people at $45 per person for a 1.5 mile journey. This is a great way to laugh, joke and relax with your group while working off those calories


5 Cool New things to Do in Destin #Catamaran Dreams.  Maybe lounging on the deck of a Catamaran as your captain sails your group across the harbor is more your speed. Watching the Thursday night Destin Harborwalk Fireworks and Air Show from a catamaran is so much fun.  Pack your snacks and a cooler.  Prices start at $40 per person for 3 hours to https://cattywampus-snorkeling.com/gallery/

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