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Top 5 reasons to visit Destin in September

If you’re a beach bum like me, you’ll come to the beach anytime, any day when given the opportunity.  However, there are some peak times to visit and also some off-peak times to visit. Long time beach goers should know that often, the off-peak seasons are just as much, if not more enjoyable than the peak seasons!  In this post we’ll give you our top 5 fabulous reasons to visit… (Read More)

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Add some adrenaline to your next Destin Beach vacation!

Are you an adrenaline junky?  Do you have a bucket list that includes being propelled into the air like a super hero?  If so-we’ve got a new, exciting water sport for you to try!  It’s called Flyboarding. Some friends and I rented a pontoon boat last Sunday from Gilligan’s Watersports and took off for a beautiful day anchored around Crab Island when I looked up and saw flyboarding in action… (Read More)

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New movie theatre coming to Sandestin!

A new, state of the art, movie theatre is coming to Sandestin in the spring of 2013! The 10 screen theater, operated by Carmike, will be located in the Grand Boulevard development. According to a press release, the theater will be one of the few in America to offer the company’s new “BIGD Ultimate Entertainment Experience, which features unmatched theatre amenities showcasing a wall-to-wall screen measuring over 60 feet wide… (Read More)

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Where do the Destin locals eat?

Question: “Where do the Destin locals eat?” Answer: “Its complicated.” Of all the questions we get from our guests, this is probably the most common. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to limit the answer to just 2 or 3 choices, so in this blog post, we’re going to attempt to give you our answer! Just like you, we crave all types of food and fortunately, Destin offers all types of… (Read More)

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How warm will the water be when I visit?

The water temperatures can vary depending upon the weather and currents, scroll down for an estimation of what the water may feel like during your vacation! Average water temperatures by month: January – 64 Febuary – 64 March – 66 April – 66 May – 77 June – 82 July – 84 August – 84 September – 82 October – 77 November – 72 December – 68 DID YOU KNOW?… (Read More)

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