5 Main Tips for a Crab Island Day

5 Main Tips for a Crab Island Day #Crab Island Top Tips

There is a lot of info out there about Crab Island, one of Destin’s top activities, but this post is focused on the Top Five Tips we locals believe can make or break your day.

  • Get a pontoon boat! Call our friends at Blue water Pontoon Rental www.bluewaterpontooncharters.com   They have capitaned boats for parties of up to 6.  I highly recommend a chartered experience ESPECIALLY if you have never driven a boat before or if you would like to be able to rexlax and imbibe. If you have driven a boat before and feel confident there are plenty of places to rent a pontoon like Luthers, Wet and Wild Water Sports etc.  Or do a large group sunset sail etc. So depending on the size of your party and the type of adventure you want to have, you have many options to get to Crab Island. The safest, fastest and most popular option for our guests is to charter a pontoon boat. You get space to relax and some even come with slides and a roof to protect you from the sun! .
  • Time your visit to Crab Island for high tide. Your chances are much higher (See what I did there?) of you experiencing those crystal clear, turquoise-hued waters you’ve been seeing in all of those photos on Instagram and Facebook. Ask the charter company about the tides when booking your trip or do an online search for a Destin tide chart. It will be worth it.
  • When looking for a spot to anchor, steer away from the central hub of activity if you are looking for a more family-friendly atmosphere. Trust us, you’ll know it when you see it. Crab Island attracts travelers of all ages, and all are eager for a fun day ranging from partying it up in the sun, to relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere. If you are with the family, consider heading toward the Coast Guard station and North Channel where the tides aren’t as drastic.
    *The waters in and around any channel can be swift so wear life jackets! You, your little ones, or your 4-legged ones can easily get swept away in the currents. Check out this post for additional safety tips.
  • Make a plan for a bathroom. Facts are facts – there are no bathrooms at Crab Island and most rental pontoons won’t have them on board. People have been known to chat up the big cabin cruisers, relieve themselves in the water, hitch a ride on one of the water taxis or pull their boats up to the nearest restaurant. Any way you slice it, you’ve been warned.
  • Floating vendors are the icing on the cake of your day. If you are here in season (typically the Summer months), these vendors will be easy to spot. Whether you want ice cream, boiled peanuts, a non-alcoholic fruity beverage or a paddleboard rental, these floating vendors add an extra element of fun to the day.

Crab Island days are almost always guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your Destin vacation. It’s as simple as packing up a cooler, hiring a boat/ captain and just enjoying time on the water. Remember to keep it clean and most importantly, be safe and knowledgeable (by reading this handy post). If you haven’t found the perfect place to rest your head between beach days and Crab Island, check out our Beach Condos in Destin website because that is our specialty!

5 Main Tips for a Crab Island Day #People on Floaties 5 Main Tips for a Crab Island Day #sliding at crab island

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